Friday, 15 January 2016

Clean 9 Days 1 & 2!

Half way through Day 2 of the C9 cleanse and I feel great. 

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The first 2 days of the 9 day programme are designed to reset your body and mind.  This is especially helpful with it being January and I got into the habit of picking on naughty foods throughout the day and the occasional treat ended up happening about 3 times a day!

I'm really feeling the benefits of the cleanse already, I feel less bloated and have a lot of energy (maybe not ready for jumping in the air yet but still), the Forever Therm tablets are helping fight the fatigue and tiredness!

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Plus I can feel my mindset changing already...I used to be that person who before I'd even finished my breakfast, I'd be thinking of lunch. 

I also used to binge eat in secret. (wow, putting that out there is scary!)  

I'm so happy I'm making positive changes to my health. Eat for Health, Nourish your Body, Believe in Aloe.

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