Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How to have a more productive day!

I am a very good procrastinator.  I tend to find 'something else to do', I can put something off like a pro, yeah I've got a pile of ironing that's nearly as tall as me, do I care, yes I do actually, but I still haven't done it, I've decided to write a blog post about being productive and proactive instead.

But, I'm beginning to be more proactive, with a 14 month old cheeky little boy,  you have to plan, you have to be organised, you have to just get shit done.  Of course you don't have to, people can live how they want to live, but I cope better using the below techniques.

Make a list

Plan your Day

Have a daily routine

Have an achievable time scale

Do one of your tasks before 9am

Don't plan to tackle too many things in one day

If you're feeling overwhelmed with how many tasks you have to complete, a list helps to clear your mind and get tasks down on paper, I'm old school I like pen and paper, then you can start to prioritise what you wish to complete first.  

That feeling when crossing off one of your tasks on the list tho'.

Who else lives for lists?
What's on your list for today?

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