Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Clean 9 Journey ..before and after photos!

Well its Day 10, that means I've completed my C9 body cleanse programme. Yippee!

I feel so good, my hair is glossier, my skin is smoother and less breakouts, I'm less bloated, my cellulite has improved (still a long way to go with that though!) but best of all, I am less lethargic and I have a boost of self confidence. 

The self confidence doesn't just result from my weight or inch loss or the results in the before and after pictures, but I feel so proud of myself for completing it successfully. 

I have learnt so much and feel so motivated to continue with the healthy lifestyle.  It has helped to change my mind-set about food and I now see food as a source of nutrition and energy instead of a pleasure or comfort source. 

One thing I didn't do very well at was drinking enough water throughout the cleanse, I feel my results would have been even more amazing ( cellulite be gone! ) if id have improved on that. 

So below are my before and after photos, for I can't beleive I'm posting these into cyberspace for all to see, but hey ho!

I'm continuing to take my Aloe Gel, my supplements and my protein shakes.  

I'm also going to treat myself to a monthly Personal Training session to keep me on form with my exercise routine. 

If anybody wants some nformation on the c9 or to purchase one then feel free to add me on Facebook Leigh Georgina Wilkes, Comment here or visit my   Online Shop

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