Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Favourite: Aloe Heat Lotion AKA Migraine Melter & Stress Saviour!

I suffer with migraines, well jel aren't you?!

My migraines stem from my shoulders and neck and are brought on by stress and hormones ( blooming Oestrogen!). 

I've got absolute boulder shoulders that are constantly tight and knotty.  As I don't have a small fortune to spend on an On-call Massage Therapist, if such a person actually exists, I rely on the amazing Aloe Heat Lotion. 

It is a rich emollient lotion containing deep-heating agents, along wth the penetrating power of aloe vera, it will sooth away stresses and strains of daily life. 

I apply it to my shoulders and back of my neck just under my occipital bone, (yeah I know my biology shiz!) and it soothes and warms my muscles in a jiffy.  The menthol aroma is so soothing too, ideal for clearing blocked noses and sinuses.

You can also apply a small amount to your temples in nice circular motions to relieve any tension headaches.

The Heat Lotion is obviously amazing for after sports, a gym session, if you suffer from achy joints, bad backs, or if you are ever feeling under the weather and all achy :( . 

This stays in my gym bag and I apply a small amount to my joints and lower back before my Ashtanga yoga sessions, it helps to warm them up which really helps with my Asanas. 

Available to purchase CLICK HERE

Have you tried the Heat Lotion? What's your top tip for headaches & migraines?


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