Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Beauty of a BB Creme

I was always dubious about BB crème's after having lots of disappointing dabbles with tinted moisturisers, they just didn't give the coverage or finish that I wanted- frustrating!

SO glad I gave this beauty a try! Aloe BB Crème is an Aloe Vera based Beauty Balm.  It applies like a delicate dream, gives medium coverage to your skin and leaves you with  a flawless finish Beyoncé would be envious of!

It also provides an SPF of 20, without that white residue, other SPF containing make-up can leave- who wants slimy white skin...not me!

My skin feels fresh and light in this BB crème,  as opposed to heavy and clogged when wearing a foundation. 

Another benefit of this crème and the full Flawless by Sonya range is that it is NEVER tested on animals! Yay! Wins all round!

Available to purchase here!

Have you tried a BB crème? What's your favourite brand? What kind of coverage do you like?

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